Shooting Range Solutions

We design and construct state-of-the-art shooting ranges. We customize every shooting range on site and handle everything from design and construction to inspected facilities ready to use.

The safety, working environment and sustainability are the most important aspects when designing our shooting ranges. Find out more about what makes Odin Target the top shooting range on the market today!

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Modular Target Systems

Our Modular Target System is based on three segments – foot, pole and target mechanism. The parts can be combined in a wide number of ways, creating many different possibilities for training.

Moving Target Systems

Target systems designed for practicing reaction and adaptability in live-fire situations.

Outdoor Targets

Our outdoor targets are modular, durable, and recyclable.All popper-targets are designed to fall on hit and then rice automatically.The automatic popper function can also be disabled to permanently mark a hit.

Paper Targets

Our standard selection of targets that we always have in stock and can deliver worldwide with short notice.

Reactive Indoor Targets

Our indoor targets are durable, splinter-free and recyclable.

Shooting Range Equipment

All the extra equipment and accessories you need.

Product Catalog 2023

Odin Target – Product Catalog 2023

Take a look at our latest product catalog!
All products are also available here on the website.

Odin Targets shooting range system is unique in design, function and adaptability. Together with our partners we deliver turnkey solutions all the way from design and construction to inspected facilities ready to use.