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Odin Target specializes in cutting edge shooting ranges for law enforcement, military and private sector.

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Shooting Range Solutions

We design and construct state-of-the-art shooting ranges. We customize every shooting range on site and handle everything from design and construction to inspected facilities ready to use.

The safety, working environment and sustainability are the most important aspects when designing our shooting ranges. Find out more about what makes Odin Target the top shooting range on the market today!

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Mike explains: Odin Target enhances shooting ranges

Experience the exciting film where Mike Leblanc extensively presents Odin Targets’ vision for enhancing shooting ranges and shooting training. In this informative video, Mike shares the company’s comprehensive vision and strategies to create a more efficient and secure shooting environment.


Right now we have sets of full and half-figure multi-colored targets, available for clearance sale a limited time. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity! For more information read under menu “Paper Targets” Half figure targets 945 sek 100 pieces Full body    targets 1880 sek 100 pieces Shipping cost is  additional

Odin Target – Product Catalog 2023

Product Catalog 2023

Take a look at our latest product catalog!
All products are also available here on the website.

Odin Targets shooting range system is unique in design, function and adaptability. Together with our partners we deliver turnkey solutions all the way from design and construction to inspected facilities ready to use.

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