About us

Odin Target has its origins in a high-tech mechanical workshop that was founded in 1917. Since 2005, Odin Target has operated independently, focusing solely on the design and construction of shooting ranges and target systems for special forces within police and military units.

Our shooting range system is unique in design, function and adaptability. Together with our partners we deliver turnkey solutions all the way from design and construction to inspected facilities ready to use.

Our patented technology makes the working environment and air quality at our shooting ranges significantly higher than any other shooting range on the market. The lead dust residue from the bullets is cleared out and collected automatically, leading to improved working conditions and sustainable practices with the possibility to recycle the lead from the bullets. The automatic bullet trap clearing system also makes the shooting range virtually maintenance free.

Combined with a noise-cancelling room construction and adaptable sound and light distractions Odin Target offers a state-of-the-art experience.

We have designed and delivered full-scale shooting ranges to both the Swedish armed special forces and Swedish law enforcement agencies. We offer full-service contracts and deliver worldwide.

ISO certified

Odin Target is certified in accordance with The International Organization for Standardization. We are certified for both Quality management systems (ISO 9001) and Environmental management system (ISO 14001).