Odin Target

Meet our new Area Sales Manager

Andreas Danielsson

Andreas Danielsson has ten years of experience of construction and maintenance of shooting ranges in Sweden. As of this April he is the latest team member at Odin Target.
– I’m excited to join the team at Odin Target. The feeling of progress here is really inspiring and I’m looking forward to contributing with my own experiences.

How did you start working with shooting ranges?
– I actually started out as a carpenter but got into the shooting range business about ten years ago almost by chance. I heard about an opportunity to work as a construction manager and the rest is, as they say, history. I started out as an on-site construction manager and the became the project manager at the head office.

So, why Odin Target?
– In the last couple of years I started feeling like it might be time for a new challenge, and here at Odin I really feel like things are moving forward in a different pace than the rest of the business. I got in contact with Peter and after a few meetings we had an agreement.

What will be your role at Odin Target?
– My title is Area sales manager, so a part of my job is to bring in new business to the company. I will also be in charge of some of our projects and act as the on-site project manager. It’s going to be an interesting time and I’m looking forward to helping the company grow and evolve and hopefully I can contribute with some of my knowledge from my years in the business.