New Order in Canada

19 April 2024



We are thrilled to announce that Odin Target, in collaboration with our partner in North America – Dymech Engineering, was chosen by Canada Border Services Agency to deliver 36 new target retrievals. The scope of the work includes removing the old target system, installation of the new state-of-art retrievals and integration of all range systems with user interface.

Odin Target’s retrievals key features are:

  • Modular construction – carriers can be easily removed/replaced for the maintenance
  • Battery operated – no cables, carriers are using eclectric engines, operation is quiet
  • High speed – up to 3.5 m/s
  • Fluent speed control 0%-100% available at any time
  • Distance control with tolerance up to 1%
  • RGB target illumination, including strobe
  • Carriers can work in groups to create scenarios
  • Realtime target preview camera
  • 5 years of warranty

CBSA will be our first project in Canada, but we are already looking forward to next ones, especially a complete range project where the advanced technology of the Odin Target solutions can be shown. Thank you for your trust, we will not fail you.