Loke 180

Item Number: 500996

Loki 180 is a turning target system that can display targets that have a friend or foe side. The target system is powered by electricity and there is no compressed air in the system. The control unit is wireless, and a wireless remote control is included with the target.

The rotation takes less than 0.2 seconds and each target can be controlled individually or in groups.

Built-in lighting
Loki 180 also has built-in LED lights that can illuminate targets individually or in groups. The lights can be changed between four different colors to, for example, indicate friend to foe when the target is presented. This provides the ability to practice live-action decision making and more realistic train-as-you-fight scenarios.

Hit sensors
Loki 180 can be equipped with hit sensors that can register up to 9 hits with the added function of turning the target away when the preset number of hits is reached.

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