We design and construct state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. We handle everything from on-site design to construction all the way to inspected facilities. We hold several patents for the design and function of our unique bullet trap and target system and manufacture all the parts for the shooting range in-house or in collaboration with our partners.

The shooting range will be tailored to suit your needs. We design both conventional single direction shooting ranges and tactical shooting ranges with 360° shooting capabilities for live action training scenarios.

As a complete contractor we guarantee that every single aspect of the shooting range holds up to the Odin Target standard for quality and user experience and we handle every stage of the process from design to inspected facility ready to use. This means that we can guarantee the highest quality of working environment, safety and environmental sustainability of all shooting ranges on the market today.

State-of-the-art working environment


For anyone working, or spending time at a shooting range, the working environment is a key factor for sustainable practices. A high-quality working environment ensures that the facilities can be used for longer periods of time and that the health-risks normally associated with shooting ranges can be reduced to zero. Odin Targets shooting ranges offer the following features to ensure a state-of-the-art working environment.

  • High quality ventilation system – removes harmful particles from the air inside the shooting range. The air is then filtered before it is let out into the atmosphere so that no led or gunpowder residue is released into nature.
  • Automatic led dust and bullet residue clearing system – with Odin Targets patented low pressure system inside the bullet trap, the led dust from the impact is cleared out automatically. The bullet residue is also transported away and collected, making is possible to recycle the remaining led from the bullets.
  • Noise canceling facility design – one of the biggest work environment problems aside from air quality is the sound pollution from the firearms. Thanks to the design of Odin Targets shooting ranges the harmful noise from a fired gun or rifle is filtered away on the same manner as an echo is filtered from a sound studio. The noise canceling system also trains shooters to quickly identify threats.
  • Tactical shooting range floor design – the floor in Odin Targets shooting ranges is specially designed to enable tactical maneuvering and training. The softened material is produced to both soften the impact and making is possible to perform repeated maneuvers with a significant decrease in risk for injury.
  • The patented design of the Svalin bullet trap completely eliminates ricochets from the side. This allows for instructors and users to move around freely behind the line of fire without any risk of harm or injury.

Low Maintenance

Our shooting ranges are designed with an automatic clearing system inside the bullet trap that continuously removes all bullet fragments and splinters from the bullet trap and stores them in a container. The led from the container can then be collected and recycled. The target surface of the bullet trap is also covered with a self-healing ballistic screen that reseals once a projectile has passed through.

This means that the shooting range can be used over long periods of time without shutting down for maintenance or cleaning of the bullet traps. The design is intended to withstand day-to-day tactical training by military and special forces.

In the service agreement we offer inspection of the facilities two times annually to make sure that the security arrangements are up to date in all parts of the facilities including software updates and replacements of wear parts.

All vital steel parts in the Svalin Bullet Trap comes with a 20-year worldwide warranty. Read more about our warranty and service agreements here.

High-Tech Distraction System

In all our shooting ranges we offer the possibility to install a fully integrated state-of-the-art audiovisual distraction system. With a combination of built-in light panels, powerful sound systems, smoke machines and projector-based simulations you can create a wide number of scenarios for training tactical operations.

The built-in light panels can recreate the conditions of any time of day – from bright sunlight to dusk or pitch black with strobing blue lights recreating the environment of an emergency situation at night.

The distraction systems can be tailored to meet any demand, so please feel free to state your needs at the consultation. The distraction system can be operated from any iPad or tablet with an easy to use software.

Semi Outdoor Range

Take a look at our design for the outdoor shooting range. We have taken all our technology for the indoor shooting range, weather-proofed it, and taken it outdoors. This means that you get an outdoor shooting range made for tactical training and a wide range of moving targets. This is the most advanced outdoor shooting range on the market today.

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Fully Integrated Simulation Training System

We offer fully integrated scenario-based Simulation Training System. A “train- as-you-fight” system applicable to all skill levels and adaptable for individual customer needs.


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