Semi Outdoor Range

This is our turn-key solution for the outdoor shooting range. We call it semi-outdoor because we have used our proven technology for indoor ranges and taken it outside.

The combination of Odin Target patented technologies results in a 360 degrees safe, and environmentally friendly shooting range. All our efforts to keep shooters safe, decrease pollution to the absolute minimum and offer the best quality product, resulted in ISO 9001 and 14001 certificates.

Our range arrives to the site in prefabricated modules and are assembled without any welding techniques. Thanks to this technology, every single part of the range can be replaced if needed. Moreover, if the range for any reason must be relocated, a complete range can be dismounted, transported, and mounted in the new location in a matter of weeks.

All our targets and other equipment from our indoor shooting ranges can be brought out and installed in our outdoor shooting range as well. This means that the outdoor range can be customized to suit our clients’ needs in the same unique way as our indoor ranges.

All training of instructors in handling target systems and bullet trap is done in consultation with the client and is completed after all functional tests have been completed.
A review and training with property managers or the equivalent is done in the target system and the bullet trap functions and maintenance points in connection with the submission of final documentation for the plant.

Documentation, consumables, and spare parts
Documentation of suitable spare parts and consumables will be handed over. A list of item numbers and designation will be produced. Service agreements can be included in the delivery. Complete and updated documentation will be handed over after the shooting range is approved and delivered.