Service and Warranty

Safety, working environment and sustainability

The safety, working environment and sustainability aspects are the most important considerations when designing and constructing shooting ranges. We are certified ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 14001 Environment since 2004. It is our policy to design facilities that are both safe to use and environmentally friendly.

Our ambition is to ensure that completed shooting ranges maintain the same high standard from the day of delivery and for as long as the shooting range is in operation.

We are constantly designing new features for out shooting range solutions. Any and all modifications to make the shooting range safer or more environmentally friendly, will be offered to our clients as an upgrade.

Service agreements can be included in the delivery of all completed Odin Target Shooting ranges.


All our products include a limited 5-year warranty. Terms and conditions are agreed upon between Odin Target and the client. The response time for warranty repairs and downtime is maximum 48 hours from that we receive a written report.

All steel parts in the Svalin Bullet Trap comes with a 20-year worldwide warranty when using up to 9×19mm caliber.

A consignment stock of strategic components for carbon capture and target systems is stored in your facility during the warranty period. Consumables can also be included.


Training of instructors in handling the target system and Bullet trap is performed in consultation with the customer and is performed when the systems have been fully controlled and tested. Briefing and training of the regular staff at the shooting range is done when the final documentation for the facility is delivered. The training concerns target system, bullet trap functions and maintenance issues.

Documentation, consumables and spare parts

A complete and updated documentation will be provided after the plant is installed and approved. A list of article numbers and names of suitable spare parts and consumables will be also be provided.

CE approval

All parts that are affected by the Machinery Directive will be CE marked, the parts that are relevant are Loke 180 turning target, Running Man running target and fragment conveyor if the option is purchased.